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Mar 29, 2017

Do you have a few whiners in your workplace?  Attitudes are contagious and negativity breeds negativity and whining just leads to more whining.  In today's episode Liz shares a few tips for how managers and leaders can deal with whiners in the workplace.  Email us at

Mar 27, 2017

What are you putting off that is on your "someday" list?  Don't let your mental roadblocks derail your dreams.  There is no someday.  There is only today.  What's standing in the way of your dreams?  This is the last of the March Monday Mini Motivations but if you want to have Monday Motivations on a go-forward basis...

Mar 22, 2017

It has been said that knowledge is power.  It is the foundation of all success.  The more you know the better... right?  In this episode we dive into how knowledge and learning more information can sometimes be used as a form of procrastination.  Increasing your knowledge and establishing goals is important but action...

Mar 20, 2017

Are you filled with good intentions but lack the intentionality you desire to be a light to others around you?  This week make a shift from a me mindset to a we mindset and find small ways to make an impact on your journey.  Share with me how you are making an impact by emailing me at

Mar 15, 2017

Self confidence is critical for creating success in our lives.  The combination of your goals, dreams and self confidence are the building blocks for creating the life you were meant to live.  In this episode, Liz unravels the concept of self confidence and talks about how it is a skill that can be developed.  She lays...