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Join the Journey

Feb 15, 2017

Listen in on the third episode of the three-part series on happiness.  Liz shares her passion for positive psychology and briefly discusses some of the research and findings that Shawn Achor writes about in his two best-selling books, The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness.  Achor’s work has continued to shape Liz’s love of this field and has helped serve as a foundation for her top 10 ways to increase happiness.  What our brain chooses to focus on creates our reality and if you want to change your world, then the best place to start is by managing your thinking and the stories in your head.  Happiness is a choice even when life throws us curve balls.  Sign up for Liz’s blog by going to or check out our show notes at   Do you have questions, comments, or suggested topics for future episodes?  If so, email Liz at